Unity Re has declared the formal change of shareholders which was
confirmed last week. Since 18 June, 2008 the new owner of the reinsurer is
insurance RESO Group.

Since the beginning of the active market activities in April, 2004 till June,
2008 Unity Re has been a 100% subsidiary of RESO-Garantia insurance

Within finalization of the transaction with AXA acquiring 36,7% in RESO 
Garantia, Unity Re was brought from RESO-Garantia to RESO Group via
the shareholders’ decision.

Svetlana Schekhovtsova, Managing director of Unity Re: “This transfer of
ownership is just a formal measure and is in no way connected with any
change in Unity Re’s plans or strategy. Our final beneficiaries remain the
same; we are still the specialist reinsurance center of RESO Group while,
since this change, our positions here has strengthened and became more
efficient: now we are a “sister” company to RESO-Garantia i.e. being now of
an equal status, we could develop reinsurance business with Russian, CIS
and overseas markets more efficiently

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