Unity Re Ltd. paid more than 70 000 000 RUB Claim to AlfaStrakhovanie.

Unity Re payed the last payment for the amount of over 70,6 m RUB to AlfaStrakhovanie as a settlement of a huge loss. The claim was paid under a facultative reinsurance policy after a severe accident on Zagorskaya Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage-2 (PHES-2). 

Zagorskaya PHES-2 is being built near Zagorskaya PHES, which is the largest pumped hydroelectric energy station in the Moscow region. After the end of construction works, these two stations will become a united complex.

The insurance event appeared as a result of flooding in the machine hall of PHES-2 ,that caused damage to the equipment situated in the hall. It occurred in September of 2013, and was at the stage of direct settlement for a long time. The total amount of compensation on Unity Re’s share was 289,3 m  RUB.

This was the final payment on this loss.

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